Worldwide Brands Vs SaleHoo (2023) – Key Similarities & Differences

worldwide brands vs salehoo review

In this Worldwide Brands vs Salehoo comparison, we’ll be taking a look at the two most popular wholesale directories available on the market. At the end, you’ll be able to decide which directory works better for your business style. 

Let’s start off with the basics.

Both Worldwide Brands and Salehoo are wholesale directories. In other words, their services give you access to thousands of screened, legitimate suppliers. Taking this a bit further, both are basically the “middleman” between you and the supplier that sells the actual product. 

It’s important to understand that neither company is an actual supplier, so other than the directory, they don’t have anything else to sell to you. 

Worldwide Brands Vs SaleHoo: Key Differences

  1. Worldwide Brands is more experienced than Salehoo.
  2. Worldwide Brands has 16 million products, whereas Salehoo has 2.5 million products
  3. Worldwide Brands has a more thorough approach for screening suppliers and product quality
  4. Worldwide Brands is based in the United States (Florida), whereas Salehoo is a New Zealand company
  5. Salehoo costs $127, whereas Worldwide Brands costs $299 (both are lifetime memberships).
  6. Salehoo also offers an automated dropship program, whereas Worldwide Brands is a standalone wholesale directory
  7. Salehoo has a modern dashboard, whereas Worldwide Brands has an outdated one
  8. Salehoo offers more in-depth support and resources.

Worldwide Brands Vs SaleHoo: Key Similarities

  1. Both directories act as a “middleman” between you and the actual supplier.
  2. Both Salehoo and Worldwide Brands have roughly 8,000 screened, legitimate suppliers
  3. They both have a dedicated team for finding new products and suppliers, even those that are hard to find on your own
  4. They both allow you to start right away
  5. Both have a search function with a filter setting
  6. They both feature suppliers with low or no minimum orders. 

Key Differences Between Worldwide Brands And Salehoo

These are the key differences between the two directories:

1. Worldwide Brands is more experienced than SaleHoo

Worldwide Brands is the original and more experienced wholesale directory. It was launched in 1999, and has managed to stay in business to this day. In other words, Worldwide Brands paved the way for other wholesale directories. 

On the other hand, Salehoo was launched in 2005. By then, Worldwide Brands was already into its’ sixth year in business. 

2. Worldwide Brands has 16 million products, whereas Salehoo has 2.5 million products

Now, this is where Worldwide Brands separates itself from not only Salehoo, but all other directories.

Worldwide Brands 16 million products
Worldwide Brands Features 16+ Million Products

To this in perspective, Worldwide Brands features over 16 million products in their directory, whereas Salehoo has 2.5 million products in their respective directory. 

Sure – both companies offer similar product categories such as apparel, beauty and health, consumer electronics, tools, toys, and etc. 

But, if you’re looking for a directory with more products, Worldwide Brands is the superior option. 

Need access to more products? Go with Worldwide Brands, which has a directory with over 16 million products.

3. Worldwide Brands has a more thorough approach for screening suppliers and product quality

When it comes to screening and verifying suppliers, Worldwide Brands truly goes above and beyond. Their research team attends trade shows all over the world to obtain leads and suppliers. Their team then ensures each supplier goes through their qualification criteria. If the suppliers passes that, they have to submit documentation proving all information provided is accurate. Finally, the research manager then ensures everything is in compliance prior to the supplier being added to their directory. 

Salehoo, on the other hand, conducts a basic screening process, and doesn’t physically meet in-person. Nonetheless, their directory is fairly safe. 

4. Worldwide Brands is a US company, Salehoo is New Zealand

Worldwide Brands operates out of Florida (USA), whereas Salehoo is based out of New Zealand. 

There isn’t anything wrong with New Zealand, but I’m sure some prefer to work with companies based in the United States. 

I’m from the United States, so I’m probably biased. 

5. Salehoo costs $127 vs $299 for Worldwide Brands

If you’re looking at price alone, Salehoo is the much cheaper option (even after you apply this $50 off Worldwide Brands coupon). 

SaleHoo Lifetime Membership Cost
SaleHoo Lifetime Membership Cost

Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • Salehoo: $127 (one-time fee) for lifetime membership. 
  • Worldwide Brands: $299 (one-time fee) for lifetime membership. 

Moreover, Salehoo offers a yearly option, which costs $67 per year. Not sure why you’d want to pay yearly when you can buy a lifetime membership for $127. 

If you want to get technical though, Worldwide Brands features over 16 million products, whereas Salehoo has a little over 2.5 million. Just something to think about. 

Looking for the more budget friendly option? Go with SaleHoo (it’s roughly 50% cheaper).

6. Salehoo offers an automated dropship program

On top of the directory, Salehoo also offers an automated dropship program for an additional fee. The program runs through AliExpress and connects to your Shopify store. Salehoo Dropship plans start at $27 per month (or $270 per year). 

Worldwide Brands is a standalone directory, so it doesn’t offer any other programs. 

7. Salehoo has a modern dashboard

Salehoo offers a clean, modern dashboard interface that’s easy to use and in par with today’s technology. Not much of a learning curve. 

Worldwide Brands, on the other hand, uses an outdated dashboard that was probably normal looking back in 1999. A makeover wouldn’t hurt. 

8. Salehoo offers in-depth support and resources

This is where Salehoo shines. From tutorials to human support, Salehoo offers a true support experience. Each member of their support team is highly trained. They will help you find products to sell and guide you through launching and growing your business. Moreover, there’s a community forum where you can interact with other property. 

Other than your standard support (via phone and e-mail), blog posts, and FAQs, Worldwide Brands doesn’t offer anything extraordinary. In other words, they will help you to an extent. 

Worldwide Brands Vs Salehoo: Key Similarities

These are the key similarities that I came up with after thoroughly testing both services:

1. Both are the “middleman,” not actual suppliers

You can’t purchase directly from Worldwide Brands or Salehoo. Neither company is a supplier that sells products. Rather, both act as the “middleman” between you and the actual supplier.

In other words, both companies sell you the directory, not physical products that you can sell. 

2. Legitimate, screened suppliers

Every supplier that is listed in either directory is screened to ensure legitimacy. Looking at the numbers, both companies have roughly 8,000 suppliers in their directory.

And, no, they are not all the same suppliers. So, depending on which directory you sign up for, the suppliers and products are going to be different. 

3. Dedicated, trained team for finding new suppliers

Both Worldwide Brands and Salehoo have a dedicated team of trained employees that are tasked with finding new suppliers to add to their perspective directory. These employees find suppliers by attending trade shows and getting in touch with actual manufacturers.

Thus, the directories are updated on a weekly or monthly basis to feature new suppliers and/or products. 

4. The ability to start right now

Regardless of the directory you decide to go with, you’ll be able to start right away (well, after you sign up for the membership). This is beneficial to those that already have everything set up (marketplace account or custom store) and are ready to sell. Both directories give you the option to dropship or buy the items in bulk. In most cases, new sellers start off with drop shipping and then slowly transition into wholesale.

5. Both have search functions with filter setting

Worldwide Brands and SaleHoo have a search function and the ability to filter and refine your search results. You can search by product category, supplier location and type, and minimum order amounts.

In regards to search functions and capabilities, the two directories are fairly similar.

6. They both feature suppliers with low or no minimum orders. 

This is a big plus for both directories. There are hundreds of suppliers that have low or no minimum order limits. These suppliers are willing to work with small sellers that are just starting out and have limited budgets.

Worldwide Brands Vs SaleHoo Conclusion

If you need help finding products to sell online, Worldwide Brands and SaleHoo may be what you’re looking for. It’s important to understand that both companies are “wholesale directories,” which means that they don’t have any physical products to sell.

Here’s my final verdict:

Go with Worldwide Brands if:

  • You have a larger budget.
  • You need access to more products and suppliers.
  • You’re more comfortable working with a company based in the United States.

Go with SaleHoo if:

  • You have limited funds and need a budget friendly option.
  • You want a more user-friendly platform with a modern dashboard.
  • You want accessible support and resources. Or someone to be available to “hold your hand” throughout the process.

There you have it – the key similarities and differences between the two major players, Worldwide Brands (see our Worldwide Brands review) and SaleHoo (see our SaleHoo review).

Worldwide Brands Vs SaleHoo: FAQS

Which wholesale directory is better overall?

While both directories are good, I prefer Worldwide Brands over SaleHoo. This is mainly because Worldwide Brands has more products and a strict verification process for suppliers.

Can I make money with Worldwide Brands and SaleHoo?

It depends on the products and the venue they’re sold on. Both companies have been in business for some time now, so it’s clearly possible to make money.

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