eFax Vs MyFax Internet Fax Comparison For (2023)

eFax vs MyFax

Trying to choose between eFax vs MyFax to use as your main online faxing service for home or business use?

The two online fax services are very popular. Although both eFax and MyFax are part of the same company, Consensus Cloud Solution, there are differences that we will discuss. 

eFax Vs MyFax: Here’s What’s The Same

Before we go into the differences, let’s cover some of the things in common between these two providers. 

Both eFax and MyFax are straightforward online fax service providers. As such, they offer many of the same basic features:

  • Securely send and receive faxes
  • Support for popular file formats
  • Multi-user access
  • Toll-free, local and international fax numbers
  • Access to mobile apps
  • Unlimited archive storage
  • Searchable faxes
  • Email to fax
  • Customer support

That’s the similarities between the two providers. Now, let’s go over the key differences. 

Key Differences Between eFax Vs MyFax

Here’s the key differences between the two online fax services:

#1 – MyFax Is Cheaper Than eFax

MyFax Pricing
MyFax Pricing

MyFax costs $12 per month or $120 per year with annual prepay. That’s a 17% discount with annual prepays. This plan can send 100 pages and receive 100 pages in a single month. 

eFax Pricing
eFax Pricing

On the other hand, eFax costs $18.99 per month or $189.96 per year with annual prepay. There’s a $10 setup fee as well. Like MyFax, eFax also has a 17% discount with the annual prepay. However, this plan can send 170 pages and receive 170 pages per month, which is a little more than what MyFax offers. 

Overall, MyFax is the cheaper option. Also, it doesn’t have any setup or activation fees, which is a plus. 

#2 – eFax Can Fax Larger Files

Although both MyFax and eFax can send up to 10 attachment with a total file size of 20 MB, eFax has a neat little feature called Large File Sharing. Using this feature, you can send files up to 3 GB, which is equivalent to 3000 MB. 

When sending documents, it can exceed 20 MB very fast, so having the option to send larger files is a big advantage of eFax. 

#3 – eFax Has Option To Sign Faxes Electronically

With eFax, you have the option to electronically sign your faxes. This can be done using any device. There are multiple ways of adding your signature to the documents. 

eFax Electronic Signature
eFax Electronic Signature

Unfortunately, MyFax doesn’t have this option. You would have to use an external service to sign documents. Alternatively, you can print the documents and sign manually. 

The option to electronically sign documents is a plus, but it’s only beneficial if you have the need for it. 

#4 – eFax Connects To External Cloud Storage

Another advantage of eFax is the ability to connect to third-party cloud storage services like iCloud. By connecting to an external cloud storage service, you can share any stored files on the go. 

eFax Cloud Storage
eFax Cloud Storage

MyFax doesn’t connect well with similar services. Again, this is only beneficial if you have a need for it. 

#5 – eFax Does Notifications Better

Although both eFax and MyFax send notifications for sent and delivered faxes, eFax goes a bit past standard notifications. For example, if you use eFax to send a downloadable link, you will receive notifications once your recipients open and download from the link.

Conclusion: How To Choose Between eFax And MyFax?

Although you won’t go wrong with either fax service, you just want to pick the one that matches your need the best. Both have standard features for sending, receiving, and storing faxes and documents.

MyFax is the cheaper option for sending and receiving under 100 faxes on a month-to-month basis. On the other hand, eFax has some additional features that can add value and convenience – features like electronic signature and faxing larger files. 

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Use eFax if you need to electronically sign documents, send large files, and connect to third-party cloud services.
  • Use MyFax if you need a standard online fax service without the extra bells and whistles, but very affordable even for infrequent use. 

FAQs About eFax Vs MyFax

These are the most frequently asked questions relating to eFax vs MyFax. 

Does eFax own MyFax?

No – both are owned by the same company, Consensus Cloud Solution. However, both operate separately and have their own pricing structure. 

Does the IRS accept eFax and MyFax?

You can use both services to send documents to the IRS, hospitals, legal offices, and real estate agencies. 

What is the difference between online fax services like eFax and MyFax, and regular fax machines?

Traditional fax machines automatically print documents as they are received, and you physically store them. Internet fax services like eFax and MyFax are cloud-based solutions, which means you send documents virtually without the need of a traditional fax machine. These faxes are securely stored in the archives and can be accessed later. 

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